Power Washing Services: How To Enhance Your Curb Appeal

May 1st, 2013

A young family takes possession of their new home.

It is May and time to complete glam ups to your curb appeal. You can easily enhance the curb appeal of your home with power washing/ pressure washing.

A pressure wash/ power wash should be completed during the warm months of spring and summer.

Why should you pressure wash/ power wash your home?

You should have professional pressure washing/ power washing completed to remove dirt and mildew from your home.

A clean home exterior is a welcoming home to family and guests alike.

Pressure washing/ power washing can be completed for your home, car, boat, tractor, patio furniture, awnings, gutters, driveways and more.

A professional power washing company such as Air Systems will clean your home well and any other property you desire to have pressure washed. Best of all, you can avoid any potential injury to yourself you would experience performing an amateur power washing/ pressure washing.

Here are general safety precautions anyone completing pressure washing/power washing should undertake:

-Never mix water with electricity. The two together would inevitably result in a dangerous electrical shock. For example, an electrical shock could occur when water comes in contact with wires and exterior outlets. Do not power wash the electrical meter, any exterior lights or exterior outlets.

-Always make sure that the ladder has firm footing prior to positioning ones self on the ladder to reach higher altitude areas such as the roof.

Here is a list of standard power washing equipment:

-The pressure washer

-Cleaning Solutions

-House Wash Formula


-High Velocity Water Spray

Power washing the home is not only for regular cleaning. It is highly recommended that power washing be complete prior to completing a paint job or a repaint of the home.

What type of psi model should be used for specific housing materials?

-Soft housing materials (soft grain wood or aluminum): use a power washing psi model that’s 1,200 to 1,500 to prevent pressure damage.

-For any home areas that are not painted (vinyl material): Use 2,500 to 3,000 psi model.

The best pressure washers feature a detergent dispenser. Air Systems has you covered for quality and power washing expertise.

We will also protect any home exterior items that could be damaged by water pressure by placing plastic covering on them – landscaping plants, exterior lights etc.

Learn about Air Systems’ power washing services …because nobody cleans better than Air Systems.

For any questions or ductwork cleaning services, contact Air Systems, Inc. by calling 410.636.DUCT or click here today!

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Source: http://www.popularmechanics.com/home/improvement/outdoor-projects/how-to-pressure-wash-your-house


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Summer HVAC Preparations: The Benefit of Air Duct Cleaning Services

April 27th, 2013

Summer will be with us shortly. It is time to have air duct cleaning.
Your HVAC systems can benefit from professional air duct cleaning from Air Systems.
Our air duct cleaning services are completed using a portable vacuum with a HEPA filter ( high efficiency particulate air), a rotating mechanical brush, and an air sweep to dislodge dust and debris.
Air Systems’ air duct cleaner will thoroughly clean the air handler, fans, coils, grilles, and the registers.
Dirty cooling coils, motors and air handling components have the potential to make the HVAC systems operate less efficiently.
You will know it is time for a cleaning if any of the following has occurred in your home:
– Recent home renovations such as lead paint removal or asbestos abatement.
– There is animal infestation occurring in the HVAC system.
– Mold growth is happening in the ductwork.
– There is pet hair or other debris/ contaminants in the ducts.
– Your family is experiencing year round allergies and respiratory problems.

Don’t let gunk build up in your ductwork. Air duct cleaning is a worthwhile home investment.
Find out how clean your air ducts are before summer. Learn about Air Systems’ air duct cleaning services now.
For any questions or ductwork cleaning services, contact Air Systems, Inc. by calling 410.636.DUCT or click here today!
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Source: http://www.todayshomeowner.com/hvac-duct-cleaning-scam-or-worth-it/


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Power Washing for the Summer: Why You Should Do It

April 18th, 2013

Summer is almost here and after all that Spring Cleaning I bet there’s one thing that you forgot about: power washing. There are plenty of benefits to power/pressure washing services that you may have not even known about. If your Maryland deck or house siding looks like it desperately needs to be cleaned, read on and learn why not only will it make everything look better; but why it’ll be incredibly beneficial to your and your family.

Unlike normal cleaning, where a person has to scrub the surface to loosen and remove debris, Pressure washing saves the time and hassle of traditional cleaning methods. This also mean it saves you money, which will give more value to your pressure washing job. A first-rate pressure washing can be capable of bringing back your Maryland or Virginia deck, footpath or sidewalk to its original state because the pressure washing removes grime, filth, stain and a lot of other things that can cause your deck, siding, or walkway to look like it is in a bad and filthy condition.

Pressure washing can eliminate the need for you to change or replace certain elements of your house, again saving you money, time, resources and the pain of having to replace certain elements of your Maryland or Washington D.C. home. Pressure washing is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to increase your homes value, boost it’s curb appeal, and avoid the potential of some future repairs. Having your house, driveway, deck and fence cleaned increases the value of your home, which is one of your largest assets.

Model Home

If you’re worried about the longevity of your roof, pressure washing on roofs can get rid of the mold and significantly lengthen the life of the shingles, saving you a great deal of money in costly roof repair and possibly avoiding the damage that comes from mold. In short, power/pressure washing rejuvenates the exterior of your home and makes it more inviting to potential home buyers and neighbors!  Over time, homes tend to lose their original luster without you even realizing it until you have it power washed.

Power washing is also eco-friendly. When a power washer is used, cleaning solution doesn’t necessarily have to be applied. The force of the water that is emitted by the pressure washing tool is enough to remove most dirt from almost any surface. As a result, any toxic chemicals present in many cleaning solutions do not run down into storm water drains and the streets or into your front lawn. This helps reduce the toxins that are present in the environment.

Why choose Air Systems Inc.? Well, we use best tools for the job – We only use special power/pressure wash equipment which is built and bought for the services we provide. We have skilled staff who are familiar with the equipment and have the necessary knowledge and the skills to complete the task. Also, we consult you and will communicate before, during and after the work. We’ll give your home the respect and care it truly deserves.

We are completely mobile and available at your convenience for residential and commercial pressure wash services. We operate in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and the surrounding areas. Call 410-636-3828 (DUCT) for a free estimate and a free evaluation of what power washing can do for you!

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The Benefits of Pressure Washing, eHow

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Cleaning Your Air Ducts: Contamination Prevention

April 11th, 2013

Are you breathing contaminated air in your own home? Without regularly checking your air ducts and filters, there’s no way you can be sure that the air you’re breathing is uncontaminated or even safe. The best way to combat any mold or other harmful materials collecting in your vents is by doing preventative maintenance. The EPA has a few tips to preventing dangerous elements from appearing in your vents:

Change your filters frequently – If your filters become clogged often, change them more frequently. Don’t let your filters become clogged since this can lead to air become contaminated and unfiltered.
Make sure there are no missing filters – Also make sure that air cannot escape through possible gaps around the filter holders.
When having your ducts serviced, make sure you ask the service provider to clean the cooling coils and drain pans.
Seal off supply and return registers during dust-producing activities – When having renovations or construction done, seal the supply and return registers to make sure no dust gets inside them. That dust can build-up and stay there for some time causing contamination.
Vacuum your home regularly – This one seems like a no-brainer, but you must vacuum your home and remove any dust that could get into the air ducts and accumulate.
If you have in-duct humidification systems operate it only as recommended

The EPA also recommends not letting your air ducts become wet. Controlling the moisture level of your ducts is the most effective way to prevent biological growth from occurring in your ducts. Moisture can enter the duct system through leaks or if the system has been improperly installed or serviced. Research done by the EPA suggests that condensation (which occurs when a surface temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of the surrounding air) on or near cooling coils of air conditioning units is a major factor in moisture contamination of the system. The presence of condensation or high relative humidity is an important indicator of the potential for mold growth on any type of duct. The best way to prevent this is by making sure your air ducts and vents are properly sealed.
Air Systems, Inc., doesn’t just clean air ducts — we restore heating and HVAC air conditioning systems to superior cleanliness, including all mechanical equipment and ductwork. Our proprietary methods remove the mold growth and dust accumulations that block critical system components. Nobody cleans better than Air Systems, Inc. Our cleaning procedures are in full compliance with industry standards from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and the EPA’s duct cleaning consumer checklist.


Air Systems, Inc. has completed countless successful residential and commercial duct cleaning services. We’ve worked on every type of heating and air conditioning system and have literally removed tons of debris from the indoor environment. When you need thorough, professional duct cleaning services, call on the experience of Air Systems, Inc.


Call us today! 410-636-DUCT (3828)

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Source: Should You Have The Air Ducts In Your Home Cleaned?, EPA

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Can Prevent Home Fires

April 5th, 2013

Dryer Vent Cleaning: Before & After

With warm weather quickly approaching, it is more important than ever to clean your dryer vents. Your dryer vent could be filled up with a massive amount of lint from the winter. This lint could cause a serious fire that will damage your home. Cleaning your dryer vents can guarantee better fire safety and help prevent these kinds of fires.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the financial costs of home fires caused by lack of dryer vent cleaning come to nearly $100,000,000 per year. One way to avoid becoming a statistic to the catastrophic damage that dryer fires can create is by having dryer vents cleaned and inspected by trained professionals.

Having optimum airflow in your dryer vent is also an important factor in preventing home fires. Dryer vent cleaning will not only open up the airflow to your dryer, but also improve the energy efficiency of your machine. This saves you from costly damage and also reduces the amount of money you’ll pay to operate your dryer.

It is essential to not let too much lint build up in your dryer vent, as even a minuscule amount could spark a flame that will end up causing you a large amount of grief and a lot of money.

Air Systems, Inc. offers affordable dryer vent cleaning services as well as other home services such as air duct cleaning that will help make sure you and your family are healthier because of proper home maintenance and safer from the hazards cause by lack of dryer vent cleaning.

To set-up a dryer vent cleaning appointment today, call 410-636-DUCT or contact us today!

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Deck Power Washing Services: How To Deck Clean

March 29th, 2013


Easter is the weekend and the start of the outdoor party gathering season. If you have looked at your deck and noticed that it’s not as appealing as you left it last summer, it is time to give that deck a good power washing.

Deck power washing will quickly restore your outdoor entertainment area into top shape.

When you are in need of deck power washing services, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to handle your deck power washing.

The professional power washer from Air Systems will set the nozzle correctly and use a spray pattern for the best pressure washing.

How do you identify the best deck cleaner for your pressure wash?

1. The  specialist will be focus on providing the best cleaning results for your deck.
2. The specialist will use safe power washing chemicals for your deck.
3. The specialist will never use bleach on your deck. Bleach doesn’t only discolor a deck but also it has the potential to damage pressure washing equipment.
4. The pressure washer chemicals,such as bio cleanse, will be used during the deck power washing to be both environmentally friendly (biodegradable) and consumer friendly (safe for humans and pets alike). You will not experience any damage to your lawn or flower beds.

Deck sealant should always be applied 24 hours after power washing.

Air Systems is here to make sure your power washing is properly completed, including the application of detergent on low pressure.

Air Systems does not recommend spraying chemical cleaner on the high pressure setting. No, putting the power washer on high pressure will not get the job done faster. If anything, high pressure completed by a unprofessional  worker will splash chemical solution around and damage your deck during a power wash.

For any questions or ductwork cleaning services, contact Air Systems, Inc. by calling 410.636.DUCT or click here today!

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Source: http://pressurewashers.lifetips.com/cat/60222/deck-power-washing/index.html


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Baltimore Air Duct Cleaning Services: Improving Home Indoor Air Quality

March 20th, 2013

Spring is a great time for home improvements through cleaning and better organization. One way you can improve your health is through keeping your home indoor air quality (IAQ) healthy. This article will provide information on how air duct cleaning services can improve your home indoor air quality (IAQ).

HVAC air duct cleaning services can drastically improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC systems and your overall home utilities.

Specifically, air duct cleaning services remove dust, mold, allergens and bacteria from your air ducts.

Remember, any pollutants present in your air ducts are present in your lungs.

It doesn’t matter if you frequently change air filters. Until air duct cleaning services are completed, dust and particles will continue to pollute your HVAC systems’ performances and lower the air quality in your home.

Here are scenarios when you should definitely have air duct cleaning services completed:

    -After smoke damage (cigarette smoke, wood stoves and more).

    -You have home pets.

    -You have home occupants with allergies.

    -You have cigarette smoke.

    -There is water contamination present in the home.

You can improve your indoor air quality by providing a way for fresh air to enter your home and properly ventilate your HVAC systems.

Air filtration systems and air cleaners can also improve the indoor air quality by filtering out the dust and pollutants in your home.

Even after air duct cleaning services are completed, do the following tasks to continuously improve your indoor air quality:

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The Benefits of Complete Sanitization Of Ductwork

March 14th, 2013

Spring starts next week and of course that means you’ll be involved in plenty of spring cleaning. One cleaning measure you should definitely put on the to do list is complete sanitization of all your ductwork.

Is sanitizing ductwork in the home necessary for quality indoor air?

The answer is yes because the sanitization of ductwork can assure that the hazard level of your HVAC system is not high from dust, chemical or mold contamination.

How is sanitization of ductwork completed?

The sanitization of ductwork is completed with a spinning head vacuum that collects up the dust, dirt, mold and any other particles in your ductwork.

Next, a hose is attached to an ozone generator to spray ozone in the ductwork.

Why is it important to sanitize your ductwork?

Your ductwork is a vital component of your ventilation system and the ductwork travels through your entire home.

When the ductwork cleaning is inadequate, the spread of germs and mold spores will inevitable travel throughout your home.

It is challenging to remove mold once it builds up in your ductwork. Sanitization of your ducts will keep your indoor air quality healthy and your home in good condition.

Air Systems provides affordable sanitization of ductwork services. Learn about Air Systems’ complete sanitization of all ductwork.

For any questions or ductwork cleaning services, contact Air Systems, Inc. by calling 410.636.DUCT or click here today!

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Source: http://www.airxpertsllc.com/1/is-sanitizing-ductwork-in-your-home-necessary


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Best Spring Cleaning Solutions: Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

March 11th, 2013

Spring is only a week away. It’s time to get started on your Spring Cleaning. One sure why to make your home cleaner is with duct cleaning services.

Your home cannot be fully clean without healthy indoor air quality.

Good indoor air quality is essential to your good quality of life in the home.


Without good air quality, indoor air pollution will put your home occupants at a higher risk of allergic reactions, asthma flares, severe headaches and other fatigue.

What lies in bad quality indoor air?

The answer is harmful bacteria and viruses from pollen, dust mites and pet dander.

From that point, dangerous mold growth can occur in your air duct system.

Learn about Air Systems’ Dryer Vent Cleaning Services today. It’s an easy and economically sound air cleaning solution.

For any questions or air duct cleaning services, contact Air Systems, Inc. by calling 410.636.DUCT or click here today!

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Source: http://wecleanlasvegas.net/New_Services.html


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Improving Air Quality With Air Duct Cleaning Services

March 3rd, 2013

Do you need to improve the air quality of your home? If yes, duct cleaning services may be the best solution.

Air duct cleaning can make your HVAC systems more energy efficient by removal dust, mold, allergens and bacteria from your home.

It is important to keep up with regular air duct cleanings because what’s in your ducts is in your lungs. When air ducts are dirty, the air quality in your home drastically decreases and so does the performance of your HVAC system.

Don’t make your living environment hazardous by creating a perfect environment for mold growth through lack of HVAC systems maintenance.

Here are some benefits of regular air duct cleaning services:
  • Improved heating and cooling system operations.
  • Affordable utility bill
  • Less repair services and longer life span for the HVAC systems

Duct contamination can be prevented by practicing good preventive maintenance.

You can prevent dirt from entering your HVAC systems in the following ways:


  • Regularly change air filters.
  • Have the air duct cleaning professional clean the cooling coils and drain pans.
  • Vacuum the home weekly with a high efficiency vacuity.
  • Make sure your heating system features in-duct humidification equipment.


Learn about Air Systems air duct cleaning services today.For any questions, contact Air Systems, Inc. by calling 410.636.DUCT or click here today!

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Source: http://www.stopguarantee.com/air-duct-cleaning


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